healthAlign is a leading platform, connecting Medicare Advantage health plan members to a full range of of in-home service providers.

Without healthAlign


With healthAlign


When working directly with a home care provider, a health plan is limited by the services and capabilities of that single provider. In fact, our data shows  due to staffing and geographic limitations, even the largest in-home providers can generally ONLY fulfill 15-20% of all referrals.

When working with healthAlign, a health plan has access to a fully-credentialed network of home care providers including: private caregiver solutions, tech-enabled private caregiver solutions, local home care agencies, and national home care agencies.

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A New Chapter in Home-Based Care

All of our credentialed providers are deployed through our platform, creating a frictionless solution for payers to offer the full spectrum of supplemental home care services. Through a single-point-of-contact model via our data platform, member satisfaction is ensured while providing valuable data on every service provided through the home.
This is in sharp contrast to the poor user experience of having multiple vendors interface with every member, or burdening existing care management teams with additional services to juggle. Additionally, the benefit of placing all non-medical services, those offered today and tomorrow, on one same data-model creates a future-proof solution to power aging in place.


healthAlign manages the in-home benefit for a little over a third of the MA plans offering this benefit


of healthAlign's cases are accepted by a provider within 48 hours


provider Partner office locations across all 50 states

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